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Sinus Plumber horseradish capsaicin pepper nasal spray is the latest product created by Wayne Perry, the pioneer of capsaicin nasal sprays and inventor of the worlds' first pepper nasal spray, Sinus Buster. In 2004, Perry created Sinus Buster with $350 at his kitchen table and turned it into a million dollar brand. As the big chain retailers began to take notice, Wayne was forced to bring in ventue capital to support the expansion of Sinus Buster.

In 2008, the company was purchased by a Wall Street firm that brought the product into all the biggest retailers including Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and Riteaid. Unfortunately, the deal turned out to be a bad one for Wayne because his stock had been watered down numerous times as the new owners went through several rounds of financing. By 2009, his stock was worthless and the company never followed through on their legal responsibilities such as holding regular shareholder's meetings. Wayne had also been promised a direct line to the board of directors, but once the new owners took over - that promise was not kept. The new company did everything in their power to force Wayne out as they changed everything about his original invention, Sinus Buster. In 2010, Wayne left the company he founded and spent thousands of dollars in legal fees to retain the right to create new natural products.

After literally spending his last dime for the right to continue inventing new products, Wayne launched Greensations with a line of natural skincare and beauty products in late 2010. In 2012, Wayne launched Sinus Plumber, a new improved version of his original capsaicin nasal spray that's supercharged with Horseradish and Wintergreen. Due to the initial success of Sinus Plumber nasal spray, Perry also developed a capsaicin horseradish oral spray designed to relieve sore throat pain and common cold symptoms.

Sinus Plumber products are manufactured by Greensations.