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Sinus Plumber Capsaicin Pepper Nasal Spray
Sinus Plumber Nasal Spray
combines capsaicin pepper extract, horseradish and wintergreen to provide instant relief for symptoms related to allergies, sinus infections and headaches including migraines and clusters without the rebound effects associated with traditional nasal sprays. While there are a few pepper nasal sprays on the market, none contain wintergreen or horseradish, two very important ingredients for headache and sinus relief you can't get with pepper alone.

Sinus Plumber Throat Spray
relieves sore throat pain, itchy throat and general congestion. Every ingredient is designed to relieve and prevent a variety of cough, cold and flu symptoms. Sinus Plumber temporarily relieves cough and cold symptoms without the side effects associated with over the counter cough & cold products.

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