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Sinus Plumber was created by Wayne Perry, inventor of the worlds' first hot pepper nasal spray. In 2004, Perry created Sinus Buster with $350 at his kitchen table and turned it into a million dollar brand, but he was scammed by a Wall Street firm that brought the product into some of the biggest retailers, but left Wayne and other investors with nothing. In 2010, Wayne left Sinus Buster to launch Greensations with a line of capsaicin / hot pepper based natural health and beauty products. In 2012, Greensations launched Sinus Plumber, a new improved version of Sinus Buster supercharged with Horseradish and Wintergreen.

Sinus Plumber is presently available in more than 1,500 stores nationwide including Ace Hardware and Vitamin World. You can also find Sinus Plumber at some of the biggest online retailers around the world. Sinus Plumber is owned by GSC Products aka, Greensations. Visit our official website and see all our products at www.Greensations.com.

Sinus Plumber is manufactured exclusively by Greensations.Official Greensations Website